ESRI Watch Center

Streamline all-hazards event monitoring and quickly understand risks.

Add a layer of situational awareness for hyperlocal, near real-time power outage information, including public safety, corporate security, asset management and emergency response.

PENS in action with ESRI's Watch Center

Hurricane Beryl, Houston, July 8, 2024

Hyperlocal Near Real-Time Data

PENS for Watch Center supplies a unique layer of power status relative to the assets or geographies of interest to you. PENS provides a simple to read color coding for power outages (red and green) at the USNG 1km x 1km resolution and updated every 5 minutes.

An Essential Layer for Data-Driven Decisions

PENS for Watch Center is best utilized when context is provided. Understanding the state of power at a hyper local level enables actionable insights when combined with critical assets or infrastructure locations, or power vulnerable people, facilities or community services. Add an overlay for logistics and routing information and you now have awareness of where (not) to send vehicles.

Keep a Careful Eye on Critical Facilities and Infrastructure

PENS is used by a wide variety of users and applications, and is particularly valuable when localized, near real-time power awareness is needed. Consider evacuation planning for disaster response, monitoring assisted living facilities and day care centers during a heat dome, or monitoring power status for EV charging locations. PENS for Watch Center creates a fast path to actionable insights with the assets or areas of interest for your organization.

A Cost-Effective Solution

PENS for Watch Center is designed to be a cost effective, high value data set. PENS starts at $1/month/asset plus an annual 30% platform fee. For PENS, an Asset is associated with a USNG 1km x 1km cell. PENS monitors that cell and its eight neighbors. Any time PENS sees a power event in those 9 cells, the PENS layer is updated in Watch Center. For an additional $1/month/asset, PENS also provide an Early Warning option, which provides the full extent of the outage event.

What is PENS?

The Power Event Notification System (PENS) Provides the most comprehensive, independent, observational view of the power distribution grid.

We partner with communication companies to extract power data from primary aggregation points, and deliver it to our customers via low latency, private, and secure fiber networks.

PENS collects data from over 300,000 power sensors around the US.

150-million people in the US live or work within 1km of a Gridmetrics sensor.

Data updates every five minutes.

Coverage is tightly aligned with population density.

Power events displayed in US National Grid 1x1km cells.

Integrated into existing GIS systems, dashboards, and tools via APIs.

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