Gridmetrics® is the leader in actionable power intelligence solutions within the distribution grid. We proudly offer the Power Event Notification System (PENS).

PENS Real-Time Power Event Map

The Power Event Notification System (PENS) uses Gridmetrics' unique data set to provide an unmatched observational view of the state of power in the last mile of the distribution grid.


Providing Situational Awareness When it Matters Most

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PENS Live Feed

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Automated Alerts for Power Events
Receive immediate notifications directly to your inbox about important power events in your area.


Asset Monitoring Maps & Alerts
Monitor your locations for active or potential power events.


Interactive Power Events Map
View a detailed, interactive map of power events based on your area of interest and time period.


Customizable Event Reports
Select your area and power events to receive automated reports via email at your preferred cadence.

PENS in the News

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What is PENS?

The Power Event Notification System (PENS) Provides the most comprehensive, independent, observational view of the power distribution grid.

We partner with communication companies to extract power data from primary aggregation points, and deliver it to our customers via low latency, private, and secure fiber networks.

PENS collects data from over 300,000 power sensors around the US.

150-million people in the US live or work within 1km of a Gridmetrics sensor.

Data updates every five minutes.

Coverage is tightly aligned with population density.

Power events displayed in US National Grid 1x1km cells.

Integrated into existing GIS systems, dashboards, and tools via APIs.

How it works

Power Event Notification System


Near-real-time notification of power events.

Hyper location of outages.

Complement outage insights from utilities and other data sources.

Our data sources are orthogonal to the utility network.

We cover many metro, urban and suburban areas of the continental United States.

Events are measured by potential population impact (align with LandScan population map).

Our power sensors typically have at least 4-hours of battery-backed power.

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