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ESRI Highlights PRLB’s Use of PENS for Power Outage Insurance Claims Processing - April 2024

With Increasingly Volatile Weather, Insurers Are Embracing New Tools to Manage Losses
When a policyowner makes a food spoilage claim, analysts can utilize these resources to geocode the address of the loss, query outage data from PENS, and determine if there was a power outage detected by any Gridmetrics sensors in the area of the property. This ability to quickly view power outages across the US speeds payment to policyholders in need, while providing another layer of security against fraudulent activities…..

Comcast Announces GOLD – AI Powered Power Insights from Broadband Equipment - March 2024

Comcast taps edge compute and AI to detect and localize power outages
…Gridmetrics has turned that data into a set of products to help entities such as public safety organizations, banks, insurance companies and assisted living facilities receive alerts on power outages so they can take rapid action.

Light Reading Podcast Features Gridmetrics' Scott Caruso - March 2024

Gridmetrics taps into the power of the broadband network
Gridmetrics’ Scott Caruso explains how the CableLabs subsidiary is using hundreds of thousands of node-based sensors to create a unique, hyperlocal view of the status of the power grid and how that data is being put to use….

UConn taps Gridmetrics data to boost community resilience in $4.4M US DOE-funded PROACTIVE project - March 2024

Gridmetrics Elevates to Esri Silver Partner - February 2024

Smart Emergency Management Begins with Power Intelligence

Buffalo Compute Graphics - DLAN & PENS - March 2022

Gridmetrics Press Release — August 2021

Esri User Conference 2021 Opening Plenary – Gridmetrics shoutout

Esri User Conference 2021 – Innovations of Note​

Exhibiting Esri Startup Program Partners: Gridmetrics
Gridmetrics offers PENS the Power Event Notification System providing near real-time status of power in the last mile. PENS is available as a live Esri Feature Service to easily integrate into decision support tools, situational awareness dashboards or emergency services solutions…